Season 3

Rules & Points


Please keep in mind that what counts is the spirit of the law, not its letter. If you find a tactic or interaction that is clearly broken and / or unintended, let us know. If you instead rely on it, be prepared that we may make a decision on the spot to prohibit its usage, or that it may even already be fixed by the start of the tournament.

The StarCore Team reserves the right to reject any submitted blueprint. If a blueprint is rejected, the team will have a limited amount of time to submit a replacement. If the replacement blueprint is rejected again, the team will have to compete without that ship.

Script Blacklist

Limits (blocklimiter)

Team Limits 

Grid Limits

Banned Blocks

The Block Restrictions mod should have these hidden, but please let us know if they aren't.

World Settings

Battle Points Values / Mod Config

The use of weapons not listed on the following table is prohibited.

You can find the mod configs in the "Mod Config" tab of the spreadsheet below.

Configs included in the world. If you still have an old shield config, delete from




Useful Tips

These point values are not final & are subject to change at anytime

StarCore Season 3 TT Points Sheet
StarCore Dakka Dossier