Rules & Points TT#5

The following Rules & Points determine the parameters by which the tournament is held.


Please keep in mind that what counts is the spirit of the law, not its letter. If you find a tactic or interaction that is clearly broken and / or unintended, let us know. If you instead rely on it, be prepared that we may make a decision on the spot to prohibit its usage, or that it may even already be fixed by the start of the tournament.


  • Be respectful to other participants and the organisers of the event.

  • Do not switch or edit your ship after the tournament has started. The ships you started with are the ships you'll use till the end.

  • Do not enter the tournament with builds that have a significant negative impact on game performance, even though they may comply with the limits imposed.

  • Do not exploit the game in any way, including its physics (i.e. clang drives). This also includes setups with the express purpose of breaking WC targeting in ways not intended.


Individual Player Limits*

  • Mass: 11,250,000 kg

  • Points: 10,000 BP

  • Gravity Gen: 1

Team Limits

  • Mass: 45,000,000 kg

  • Points: 40,000 BP

  • Gravity Gen: 4

  • Players: 4 (full 4 required**)

* This is more of a guide for players who don't have a full team but want to participate. You may distribute points freely, up to the Team Limit.

** With the exception of teams that have a guaranteed spot from placing in the top 2 of the previous tournament.

Banned Blocks

  • Hydrogen Engine

  • Hydrogen Thrusters

  • AWG's Oxygen thruster

  • Projectors

  • Sound Blocks

  • Exhausts

  • Jump Drives

  • Safe Zone Generators

  • Welders, Grinders, Drills

  • Any weapon block not listed in the points table.

  • Any shield block not listed in the points table.

  • All small grid blocks.

  • Any block you cannot build anymore.

World Settings

  • Gamemode: Creative

  • Thruster Damage: Enabled

  • 3rd Person View: Enabled

  • Ingame Scripts: Enabled

  • Voxel Damage: Enabled

  • Welding Speed: 5x

Battle Points Values / Mod Config

The use of weapons not listed on the following table is prohibited.

You can find the mod configs in the "Mod Config" tab of the spreadsheet below.

Copy of Test Tournament 2021-03-20

Balance Notes


  • Teams need a full 4 players to enter the tournament going forward - with the exception of teams that have a guaranteed spot by placing among the top two in the last tournament.

  • Team total mass allowance has been increased from 35 million kg to 45 million kg.

  • DarkStar has reworked the way shields work quite heavily. You can read up on it in his changelog.

    • The Defense Shields config has been updated. Please update it from the Mod Config tab in the above spreadsheet. You can find it in: %APPDATA%/Roaming/SpaceEngineers/Storage/DefenseShields.cfg

  • Thrust Booster mod from 10x boost and 5x power requirement to 2.5x boost and 2.5x power requirement for all ions.

    • Note: High acceleration made possible by very strong thrusters has a strong influence on WC targeting. As most of our weapon mods are primarily tuned against each other in a more vanilla context, reducing the thrust power back down means that the variation between a weapon's performance in a regular setting and the tournament becomes much smaller. And therefore, overall balance is improved.

  • Relative Speed mod config has been adjusted. Please update it from the Mod Config tab in the above spreadsheet. You can find it in: %APPDATA%/Roaming/SpaceEngineers/Saves/<yourSteamIDNumber>/<SaveName>/Storage/1359618037.sbm_RTS/RelativeTopSpeed.cfg

Battle Points

  • The overall Battle Points available per team have been reduced from 80,000 to 40,000. (10,000 per player)

    • Note: Less points means more hard choices about what to invest in, rather than being able to afford everything. It also means better performance due to less weapons being used overall.

  • The cost of small and large ion thrusters, as well as AWG's Heavy Ion Thruster, have been reduced to a quarter of previous values.

    • Large Ion: 450 --> 110

    • Small Ion: 50 --> 15

    • Heavy Ion Thruster: 1800 --> 450


  • 75mm Railgun Turret: 80 --> 150

  • 150mm Railgun Turret: 160 --> 250

  • 250mm Railgun Turret: 300 --> 350

  • 100mm Gun Turret: 30 --> 60

  • 203mm Gun Turret: 110 --> 120

  • 30mm CIWS Turret: 130 --> 200

  • Discoball Laser AMS: 80 --> 125


  • T1 PDX Laser: 120 --> 225

  • T2 PDX Laser (new): 110

  • T2 Gimbal Laser: 200 --> 100

  • Point Defense Turret: 90 --> 100

  • The Spicy Meatball Turret: 90 --> 150


  • M-1 Torpedo: 500 --> 400

UNSC Weapons

  • Series 8 MAC: 2500 --> 3500

Serpent Arms

  • Grimlock Launcher: 850 --> 650


  • PDC Turret: 100 --> 225


  • The skybox has been switched to [DX11] SE Gaseous planets Satellite 1 by Vagre.

  • Spawn 1 and Spawn 2 have been upgraded and made into Blue Spawn and Red Spawn. (built by John Wack)

  • Center has been updated. (built by John Wack)


Series 8 MAC
MajorXAcE, the mod author, has implemented the following changes:

  • Recharge time from 20s to 30s

  • Shield damage modifier from x10 to x5


  • pilfit has updated his weapons. You can find his changelog here.


  • Mexpex has updated his weapons. You can find his changelog here and here.


  • AutoMcDonough has updated his weapons. You can find his changelog here.

  • Added T2 PDX Laser

  • T2 Gimbal Laser & T2 PDX Laser Point Defense functionality removed.

Serpent Arms

  • Kreeg has updated his weapons. You can find his changelog here.