Global Rules

These rules apply to all StarCore tournaments. Please keep in mind that what counts is the spirit of the law, not its letter. If you find a tactic or interaction that is clearly broken and / or unintended, let us know. If you instead rely on it, be prepared that we may make a decision on the spot to prohibit its usage, or that it may even already be fixed by the start of the tournament.

  1. Behavior

  1. Be respectful to other participants and the organizers of the event.

  2. Do not switch or edit your ship after the tournament has started. The ships you started with are the ships you'll use till the end.

  3. Do not enter the tournament with builds that have a significant negative impact on game performance, even though they may comply with the limits imposed.

  4. Do not exploit bugs in the game nor in mods in any way. This includes exploiting the game's physics (i.e. clang drives, rotor cannons), setups with the express purpose of breaking WC targeting in ways not intended, as well as circumventing block placement restrictions.

  5. Do not convert your grids to static at any point during the match.

  6. Do not "board" an enemy ship with intent to somehow incapacitate or harm it, grinding or otherwise.

2. Win Conditions

  1. A team wins the match if each individual ship of the opposing team has had all its cockpit blocks, power or both disabled.

    • If a ship has been completely disabled as described above, it will show up in red on the stat-tracking overlay.

  2. A team wins the match if they are able to hold the center capture area for a cumulative total of 120 seconds uncontested.

    • If the center capture area is contested, the points accrued will slowly bleed away back to 0 points.

    • If ALL ships leave the center capture area, the accrued points will reset to 0.

  3. If, after 20min, a winner has not been established through the above rules, sudden death is entered. First team to have all ships leave the center capture zone during sudden death loses.

    • A gravity field will be activated that will push all grids within 2500m of the center station outwards at 0.15g.

3. Participation

  1. All members of a team must be present and ready to start the match at the scheduled start time. If the tournament runs into delays, match times will be updated accordingly. If only part of a team is present at match start time, they can choose to still play, or concede.

  2. Do not sign up for multiple teams at once.

4. Building

  1. Don't clip turret barrels through blocks to fire from behind them.

  2. Shield emitters must have full LoS to space. This is enforced using a LoS check in the configs. It is not broken, so if it won't allow you to power up your shields, you need to move stuff from around your shield emitter.