Rules & Points TT#3

The following Rules & Points determine the parameters by which the tournament is held.



  • Be respectful to other participants and the organisers of the event.

  • Do not switch ships after the tournament has started.

  • Do not exploit the game in any way, including its physics (i.e. clang drives)


Individual Player Limits

  • Mass: 8,500,000 kg

  • Points: 500

  • Gravity Gen: 1

  • Radar: 1

Team Limits

  • Mass: 34,000,000 kg

  • Points: 2000

  • Gravity Gen: 4

  • Radar: 4

  • Maximum Players: 4

Banned Blocks

  • Hydrogen Engine

  • Hydrogen Thrusters

  • AWG's Oxygen and Heavy Ion thrusters

  • Projectors

  • Jump Drives

  • Safe Zone Generators

  • Any weapon block not listed in the points table.

World Settings

  • Gamemode: Creative

  • Thruster Damage: Enabled

  • 3rd Person View: Enabled

  • Ingame Scripts: Enabled

  • Welding Speed: 5x

Battle Points Values / Mod Config

The use of weapons not listed on the following table is prohibited.

You can find the mod configs in the "Mod Config" tab of the spreadsheet below.

Test Tournament 2021-03-13 Battle Point Values

Balance Notes

  • fix sphere shrinking visuals

  • removed shields for this week.

  • MAC will receive a bigger model. May likely become significantly heavier.

  • MAC High Power setting is now hitscan.

  • the AWG weapons currently have some small issues. Will assign them their costs once they are fixed.

  • reducing WC damage config from x2 to x1.5