Season 1 Grand Touranment

The StarCore Season 1 Grand Tournament is the culmination of all the effort put in by the StarCore community & team. All of the test tournaments have led to developing the ruleset, modset and balance put into action for this event.

Twitch Stream

Season 1 Grand Tournament

Starting 2021-06-19 - 6pm UTC

Casted by Xocliw

General Information


The Season 1 Grand Tournament will be held with a maximum of 64 teams. In the preliminaries, teams will be matched up in single elimination matches. Starting with the semifinals, matchups will be best of 3. The tournament will also feature a loser's final for the third place.


  • The maximum number of teams that can sign up to the Season 1 Grand Tournament is 64.

  • A team can have between 1 and 4 players. Backup players can be registered but must not be registered for any other team.

  • The first 32 teams to sign up are guaranteed a slot.

  • If more than 64 total teams sign up for the tournament, the remaining 32 slots will be assigned randomly.


Participants can win prizes both physical and digital.

  • 1st place

    • 1x Custom StarCore "Winners" mug per player

    • 1x A3 StarCore poster per player

    • 4x skin set / 4x DLC per player

  • 2nd place

    • 1x A3 StarCore poster per player

    • 2x skin set / 2x DLC per player

  • 3rd and 4th place

    • 1x skin set / 1x DLC per player

Best Style Award

We’ll also be looking for the best-looking team for every stream from a stylistic point of view. It will serve as a reward for teams who put a lot of effort into their ship's coherence of design & style. On the day of the finals, we will then pick the overall best style from all the previous winners.

The winners will be decided both by audience vote as well as a team of selected judges.

The winning team will receive 2x skin set / 2x DLC per player.

Tournament Schedule