Grid Showcase

Mentor Grids

Classic ships for new players to fly and tinker with. Steam workshop links and further information included in the dropdown menus.

Celestial Evoker [RKD]

Project Jericho [CYB]

Jupiter Ascension [RKD]

Fast Brawler flown by the Chief Engineer of [RKD]. Built from the ground up for durability, it supports an egg shape, buster citadel, and redundant hydrogen system. Shields are excellent for a ship its size, as is its maneuverability. While not quite fast enough to keep up with proper fast movers, it is certainly quick enough to dictate range and a blink drive to smack fast movers that come too close. Features a wide array of weapons, from Railguns for long range fire, to Thanatos and Nyx for mid range and Surtrs and Gladius close in.
~ Anomaly, Team Captain and Lead Engineer of [RKD]

Workshop link

Captured space monster turned cybernetic warship. It is armed with mid to close ranged weapons, and is intended to fight on the front line. The two blink drives make it capable of more maneuverability than it first appears. The tentacles have been fitted with smaller components and decoys to attract weapons fire away from the vital organs. Several variants were used by Cybran Nation during test tournaments, where these tentacles proved useful, and greatly extended its survivability. Watch out for fixed weapons, and remember to use your flares when enemy missiles are approaching. Points: 8773, Mass: 11mkg, Role: Front line brawler.

~ Dimitri Keslov, Cybran Pilot [CYB]

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Jupiter Ascension: Premier heavy brawler for the team RKD. After several major revisions, it has become a force to be reckoned with in defending zones and supporting other ships. Armed with a massive gimbal rotor turret on the front, it can fire heavy weapons with “perfect” accuracy across the map. A variety of heavy and medium turrets dot the surface for a punishing amount of firepower at medium and short ranges. While not very agile, it does sport a large afterburner to quickly get up to speed.

~ Nevrmorr, First Rate Pilot for [RKD]

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Vagyr Battlecruiser [CYB]

Yamatsuko [ARP]

Vaygr Battle cruiser - Fly in style with an art build turned viable tank. Cybran's long range capital ship loaded with 4 hunters and 3 hydras but its also a capable brawler fitted with 5 magnetars and 3 mag coils and a mixture of missiles. Don't fat finger the blink drives.

~ BigRig, Cybran Pilot [CYB]

Workshop link

Yamatsuko - a more developed and slightly less beginner friendly grid in terms of flying, however surprisingly durable and survivable for its size. Created mostly as an original build to be converted and just tinkered over the span of a few weeks. The grid was developed for the brotato bowl which it proved surprisingly effective against much more well developed ships. It holds it's place as an extremely durable flagship that uses both redundancy and thick armor to its advantage.

~ Tait, Captain of [ARP]

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