Rules & Points TT#7

The following Rules & Points determine the parameters by which the tournament is held.


Please keep in mind that what counts is the spirit of the law, not its letter. If you find a tactic or interaction that is clearly broken and / or unintended, let us know. If you instead rely on it, be prepared that we may make a decision on the spot to prohibit its usage, or that it may even already be fixed by the start of the tournament.


Individual Grid Limits

  • Cockpit / Control Blocks: 4

  • Invincible Subgrid: 1

Team Limits

  • Mass: 45,000,000 kg

  • Points: 35,000 BP

  • Gravity Gen: 4

  • Cockpit / Control Blocks: 16

  • Invincible Subgrid: 4

  • Players: 4 (full 4 required*)

* With the exception of teams that have a guaranteed spot from placing in the top 2 of the previous tournament.

Banned Blocks

The Block Restrictions mod should have these hidden, but please let us know if they aren't.

  • Hydrogen Engine

  • Hydrogen Thrusters

  • Buster Armored Conveyor

  • AWG's Oxygen thruster

  • Projectors

  • Sound Blocks

  • Exhausts

  • Jump Drives

  • Safe Zone Generators

  • Artificial Mass / Spaceballs

  • Welders, Grinders, Drills

  • Station Shield block, Shield Pressurizer

  • Any weapon block not listed in the points table.

  • All small grid blocks.

  • Any block you cannot build anymore.

World Settings

  • Gamemode: Creative

  • Thruster Damage: Enabled

  • 3rd Person View: Enabled

  • Ingame Scripts: Enabled

  • Voxel Damage: Disabled

  • Welding Speed: 1x (you are allowed to use your hand-welder)

Battle Points Values / Mod Config

The use of weapons not listed on the following table is prohibited.

You can find the mod configs in the "Mod Config" tab of the spreadsheet below.

Test Tournament 2021-05-01

Download the DefenseShields config here. Place it into:


Useful Tips

  • Test your build on a dedicated server! If you experience significant latency while controlling your ship (especially while taking fire), put a subgrid on it. Blame Keen. Use the "Invincible Subgrid" block if you don't want to spend points. Max 1 of these blocks per ship.

  • Use SHIFT + T to show the stats tracker while looking at a grid

  • Use SHIFT + R to ping an object to your team, courtesy of the TeamSpot mod.

  • Many mods have bindable keys for their functions. You can set them in the TextHudAPI's Enter -> F2 menu while ingame.

  • Use your numpad to quickly control shield shunting directions.

Balance Notes


  • The script whitelist is now implemented. Make sure to test your scripts on the test server(s).

  • Remote Controls are now exempted from the control block limits.

  • An invincible subgrid block is now available to save you from keen's client prediction. Max 1 per ship.

  • Shield CapScaler from 0.5 to 0.46.

  • Shield BaseScaler from 60 to 80

Changes From Skirmish #3

  • A mod that fixes rotor turret scripts has been added, allowing multiple rotor turrets on a ship to function with MART.

Battle Points


  • 150mm railgun turret 250 -> 275

  • 250mm railgun turret 350 -> 400

  • 100mm cannon 80 -> 100


  • MK3 Battleship cannon 210 - > 275

  • X-3 Heavy Battery 420 -> 375

  • Magnetic Coil Cannon 600 -> 450

Changes From Skirmish #3

  • No point changes


  • Several new asteroids have been placed around the map.

  • You can now enable audio cues for the zone with /sphere sound



Mexpex has updated his mod. Find the changelog here.


Pilfit has updated his mod. Find the changelog here.

  • Railguns have a new mechanic, at very short range they will do bonus shield damage in the form of energy damage caused by the plasma around the shot at close range (the lightning effect) the damage falloff on this effect is very high so the closer you are the more damage it will do.

  • the 100mm cannon has increased effectiveness as a PD weapon against torpedoes.

Serpent Arms

Kreeg has updated his mod. Find the changelog here.

Changes From Skirmish #3

  • Reduced Coil HP from ~250k -> ~200k (Mexpex)

  • Reduced Coil YEET by 80% (Mexpex)

  • MAC rapid fire bug fixed (DarkStar)


  • Sprinkle's Starcore Missile Manager has been updated.

  • Whip's Speed Matcher has been added.