Rules & Points TT#6

The following Rules & Points determine the parameters by which the tournament is held.


Please keep in mind that what counts is the spirit of the law, not its letter. If you find a tactic or interaction that is clearly broken and / or unintended, let us know. If you instead rely on it, be prepared that we may make a decision on the spot to prohibit its usage, or that it may even already be fixed by the start of the tournament.


  • Be respectful to other participants and the organisers of the event.

  • Do not switch or edit your ship after the tournament has started. The ships you started with are the ships you'll use till the end.

  • Do not enter the tournament with builds that have a significant negative impact on game performance, even though they may comply with the limits imposed.

  • Do not exploit the game in any way, including its physics (i.e. clang drives). This also includes setups with the express purpose of breaking WC targeting in ways not intended.

  • Do not convert your grids to static at any point during the match.

Win Condition

  • A team wins the match if each individual ship of the opposing team has had all its control blocks, power or both disabled.

  • If a ship has been completely disabled as described above, it will show up in red on the stat-tracking overlay.

  • If, after 20min, a winner has not been established through the above rules, the team with overall more integrity (per the stat overlay (in percent)) among their ships wins. Only non-disabled ships (as per the rules above) count.


Individual Player Limits

  • Gravity Gen: 1

  • Cockpit / Control Blocks: 4

Team Limits

  • Mass: 45,000,000 kg

  • Points: 35,000 BP

  • Gravity Gen: 4

  • Cockpit / Control Blocks: 16

  • Players: 4 (full 4 required*)

* With the exception of teams that have a guaranteed spot from placing in the top 2 of the previous tournament.

Banned Blocks

The Block Restrictions mod should have these hidden, but please let us know if they aren't.

  • Hydrogen Engine

  • Hydrogen Thrusters

  • Buster Armored Conveyor

  • AWG's Oxygen thruster

  • Projectors

  • Sound Blocks

  • Exhausts

  • Jump Drives

  • Safe Zone Generators

  • Welders, Grinders, Drills

  • Station Shield block, Shield Pressurizer

  • Any weapon block not listed in the points table.

  • All small grid blocks.

  • Any block you cannot build anymore.

World Settings

  • Gamemode: Creative

  • Thruster Damage: Enabled

  • 3rd Person View: Enabled

  • Ingame Scripts: Disabled

  • Voxel Damage: Disabled

  • Welding Speed: 1x (you are allowed to use your hand-welder)

Battle Points Values / Mod Config

The use of weapons not listed on the following table is prohibited.

You can find the mod configs in the "Mod Config" tab of the spreadsheet below.

Test Tournament 2021-04-17

Download the DefenseShields config here. Place it into:


Useful Tips

  • Test your build on a dedicated server! If you experience significant latency while controlling your ship (especially while taking fire), put a subgrid on it. Blame Keen.

  • Use SHIFT + T to show the stats tracker while looking at a grid

  • Use SHIFT + R to ping an object to your team, courtesy of the TeamSpot mod.

  • Many mods have bindable keys for their functions. You can set them in the TextHudAPI's Enter -> F2 menu while ingame.

  • Use your numpad to quickly control shield shunting directions.

Balance Notes


  • The usage of scripts has been disallowed until a script whitelist can be implemented.

    • Note: Scripts enable a lot of fun possibilities for gameplay within the tournament. However, they are also a major performance concern, a major balance concern and are not available to everyone equally. As a result, the StarCore Team as well as the Balance Council have decided - with consideration of the feedback received during the stream and through the survey - to disallow scripts until we have the ability to whitelist specfic ones, and then make those available to every participant equally.

  • Win Conditions have been solidified. (see above)

    • Note: We agreed with the community in that win conditions must be solidified in order to be able to call matches fairly. We have drafted a first set of conditions, listed above. They will most likely be amended in the future.

  • Limit of cockpit-type blocks: 4 per ship and 16 per team.

    • Note: In order for the win condition of knocking out a ship's cockpits to be meaningful, and to prevent ships made of cockpits, cockpit-type blocks (including control stations, Remote Controls etc.) are limited in number per player and team.

  • TeamSpot by Klime has been added.

    • Note: TeamSpot will allow teams to coordinate better by using Shift + R to easily set markers (visible to the team) at the position of their crosshairs.

  • Thruster modifiers (together with power usage modifier) have been increased slightly to 3.5x (from 2.5x)

    • Note: We felt that the overall reduction of acceleration in TT#5 was too much. Thus it is increased again slightly for TT#6.

Changes From Skirmish #2

  • Shield CapScaler from 1.0 to 0.5.

  • Welding Speed from 5x to 1x.

Battle Points

  • Overall Battle Point allottment per team has been reduced from 40,000 to 35,000.


  • 100mm Gun Turret: 60 --> 80

  • 203mm Gun Turret: 120 --> 160

  • 30mm CIWS: 200 --> 175


  • PDC Turret: 225 --> 200

Changes From Skirmish #2

Serpent Arms

  • Grimlock Launcher: 650 --> 500


  • 300mm Gun Turret: 400 --> 300


  • Removed Battle Point cost from Shield Controller Table.

    • Note: The high price of the Shield Controller Table, combined with its current absolute necessity, meant that teams fielding single ships were able to save the cost of three such blocks and instead invest it elsewhere. Removing the point cost fixes this discrepancy, while keeping the point cost for the other shield-related blocks still enables some tradeoff decisions.


  • The map layout has been changed - it now features 4 asteroids, arranged with regard to zone stages.

Zone changes

  • The zone is disabled until started with /start . It can be started by any user with admin permissions.

  • The zone's damage will no longer directly target cockpits. They may still be killed by splash damage, however.

  • The zone now has four stages:

    • Stage 1: Match start, the zone stays in place at 20km diameter for 5min.

    • Stage 2: The zone retracts to 15km diameter and stays there for 3min.

    • Stage 3: The zone retracts to 10km diameter and stays there for 3min.

    • Stage 4: The zone retracts to 3km diameter and stays there for the rest of the match.

  • Zone damage scales the further outside of the zone a grid is located. Being just outside the zone will damage grids far less than before.

  • A white inner sphere will appear when the zone shrinks, indicating where the boundaries of the zone will be for the following stage.



Due to issues with their sound effects, we have decided to temporarily remove the following guns to be added back in at a later point. In the meantime, we have added back in Telion s and pilfit's fixed 250mm.

  • AS-2

  • AS-3

  • AS-4


Mexpex has updated his mod. Find the changelog here.

  • Added Telion Dual Battery - 150 points.

  • Added Telion Dual Battery - Stacked - 150 points.


Pilfit has updated his mod. Find the changelog here.

  • Added 300mm Gun Turret added - 400 points.

  • Added 250mm Fixed Railgun added - 150 points.

Serpent Arms

Kreeg has updated his mod. Find the changelog here.

Changes From Skirmish #2


  • Added Coilgun - 600 points.

    • If you can't see it in the G menu, delete the BlockRestrictions folder in %appdata%/SpaceEngineers/Storage/, and reload the world so it can regenerate


  • Pilfit: Shield damage penalty for kinetic weapons has been adjusted from 0.4x to ~0.7x