In StarCore, teams build their own ships and battle for the spot of the weekly champion in a WeaponCore Tournament. They normally take place on Saturdays and are streamed live by Xocliw over on his Twitch channel. It's time to join the arena!

Season 2 Preview

What is StarCore?

StarCore hosts PvP tournaments in the game Space Engineers using the mod framework WeaponCore. In weekly tournaments, teams of players compete to take the spot of the weekly champion.

Upcoming Tournaments

Test Tournament 2.6

Starting ???

Past Tournaments

Test Tournament 2.5 rev_3 Reloaded Revengeance Remastered & Knuckles: Featuring Dante From the Devil May Cry Series

Starting 2021-11-13

Test Tournament 2.2

Starting 2021-09-11

Test Tournament 2.3

Starting 2021-09-25

Test Tournament 2.4

Starting 2021-10-09 (part 1)

Season 1 Grand Tournament

Starting 2021-06-12

Test Tournament 2.1

Starting 2021-08-29

Test Tournament 2.2

Starting 2021-09-??

Test Tournament #7


Test Tournament #6


Test Tournament #5


Test Tournament #4


Test Tournament #3


Test Tournament #2