This is where you'll be able to sign up for the next WeaponCore Tournament of StarCore.

StarCore Tournaments

Please use our Discord bot to sign up to the tournament.
Join the StarCore Discord with the link below and check the #starcore-info channel!

StarCore Discord

Sign-up & Blueprint Submission Info

Basic starter guide

Using the bot

The bot (@StarCore#5433) is a new manager that will create teams, manage blueprints, and give you relevant information about the tournament. Below is the starter guide to getting going.


  • The bot uses discord Slash commands

  • There are a few groups of slash commands,
    Blueprint (for managing your local blueprint),
    Team (for managing your team),
    Sub (for managing team subs), and
    Tournament (for joining tournaments)

Getting started

  • To get started type /register and follow the instructions

  • Create a team with /team create or ask to join a team

  • Add your local blueprints using /blueprint upload

  • Join a tournament and add your blueprints to that tournament /tournament addblueprint [id]

Additional Blueprint Requirements

  • You can upload a blueprint directly to the bot via Discord. Use that if the Steam Workshop doesn't want to play ball.

  • Every submitted ship must have a proper name.

  • We will use the thumbnail of the blueprint for promotion. Please make sure it's a good one. 🙂